Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

Hello all. I introduce to you** Iron Chieftain**: An RTS Citybuilder with a strong focus on population management, city building and diplomacy. It is set in a fictionalised ancient world with a variety of factions to choose from.

Planned (almost complete) features:

  • Automatic civilian collection of resources and building, in the vein of games such as Banished or Black and White.
  • A focus on Citybuilding and population management, where the strength of your workforce grows based on your ability to produce food and shelter.
  • Large military units recruited directly from the population.
  • Super-efficient pathfinding system utilising the game’s road system, hopefully allowing for large numbers of citizens and soldiers across the map.
  • Fully dynamic lighting and weather.

Future goals:

  • Naval trade and battles
  • First person mode where actions have to be made at ground level
  • AI towns that grow dynamically as the game progresses, using the same rules as the player
  • Customisable military units various types of equipment to give to units on an individual level
  • AI military units
  • City walls and siege mechanics

I’ve been working on this from scratch for 6 weeks, although the landscape shader is something I worked on much earlier. I hope to have something playable by the end of the year.
Suggestions and feedback is appreciated.