Ireland dance music no copyright

hi everyone
i created this music for free for who need a free music for his project
note i created it like loop but i will change some melodies and upload version2 of this music
i used sound font called FluidR3_GM
I read the license and found that the license allows me to distribute music which I created from these soundfont samples
For commercial and non-commercial
I asked some people of English origin and they confirmed this to me
They said this license allows the distribution of music for commercial and non-commercial
This is the original license site
if you see any problem then please tell me because i’m weak in the english my native language is arabic

visit my youtube channel you will see in the description download link of this music

you subscribe or click like ,comment so you will encourage me to create more music for free

Nice, I enjoyed lidstening to that. Well done

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thank u friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting… Oldschool trad mixed to synth beats.

Curious to hear Iraqi rythms mixed to fusion trad:

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this is original scale of the ireland music i just i created my music without using ireland scale i’m searching for what scale name of this i want co compose a music like it please tell thas scale name :yum:

thank u finally i found the names of scales used in irish music

Pure trad is actually quite simple - Key of D / Key of G (versus the range of a keyboard or guitar). The reason its simple is, Trad normally can only cover keys that are common to all the instruments (esp whistle / pipes). So its nearly always just the notes or scales of D or G. But since MODES are used, often part-A of a tune starts in Em, and then part-B finishes around D / G. Composers have been mixing Trad and other styles for a while. So why not try MIXING traditional rythms and local instruments from the middle-east - see what happens.
:+1: hi guys,girls i created this page if anyone want to share music plz join maybe this page will be known if we help each other by sharing our music and invite our friends all which i want to every one succeed we just need to help each other