I’m doing Arch viz and have an Nvidia Titan graphics card and I’ve seen a few articles and videos about Iray. Rather than being realistic it looks completely real.

Is there any way of using Iray in Ue4? Probably not in real time, but perhaps in a rendered out video? Does UE4 do rendered out video rather than realtime gameplay video capture?

iRay is not a fast renderer–it uses GPU acceleration but still takes a while to render an image, there’s not much reason to have it in UE4, if you want to use iRay you can use license it or use 3ds Max which includes it as a render choice (except for the newest 2017 version)

If you’re looking for something fast, look into use VXGI—it’s dynamic global illumination by Nvidia that’s available for UE4, you can increase the quality if you’re doing video or still image renders and it would be much much faster than rendering in iRay though of course it’s not as high quality, but it might be good enough for your uses. Information about it is here:
What you have to do to use it is download the Nvidia branch of UE4 and compile the engine.

Thanks. Is compiling the engine a complex process?