Iraq 2007

Trying to create a scene in Iraq during the surge. I wanted to capture how claustrophobic it was. You’re literally stuck between something that explodes and someones house. The hardest part is getting the lighting right. I can’t seem to mimic anything close to what it actually looks like.
Almost all the content is from the Vehicle Game demo.

Are you sharing the project?

I don’t think I can since some of the assets are purchased. The vast majority (i.e. materials, effects, meshes) are from the vehicle demo though.

needs more work to make it looks like Iraq :wink:


if you have the time could you elaborate?

Try making the color of the atmospheric fog more yellow and maybe make it a bit thicker. That may add to the tight feeling. Maybe some some plooms of black smoke in the background would help too. Where were you at? Did you guys have the taller t-barriers? Those always make you feel closed in haha.

Thanks for the input. I actually just added a yellowish tint to the post processing and it helped a little but I think doing it with the fog may work better. I like the idea of black plumes in the background. I was mainly in the northwest around Hadithah Dam. An Army Diver trying to find water. If I had known I’d be trying to recreate a scene from then I would have tried to take better pictures. I know what you’re talking about and we had t-barriers in Kuwait and at all the airports but what we mainly had was these giant boxes made out of metal mesh and and fabric on the inside. They just filled them with rocks and sand and they worked pretty well.

Ah yeah, did you ever see the giant oil refinery/well fights up close? Giant plumes of black that faded somewhat as they reached the upper atmosphere but still seemed so substantial and impenetrable. None of the images found in the media or online could do justice to just how big and massive these plumes could get.

Saaaad face.

No, I’ve seen pictures but never in person. It says a lot when most of the google images are from satellites. I thought about adding an incoming sand storm like this:


I took these about 10 minutes apart at Al Asad air base and the pictures just don’t do it justice.
They have some pretty unique weather environments over there. I remember we had a rain storm during a sandstorm and it literally rained mud. It’s sounds like some Avatar stuff.
Dude, I didn’t realize you were making the Map Generator. I’ve been following that post for a while. That’s some pretty amazing stuff.

Sorry man, download the vehicle demo and the starter content and you should be able to make a very similar scene without the Humvees. This one only took a couple hours. I used a lot of the basic wall, window and door meshes with some vertex painting to separate them a little.

Yeah I was only in one sand storm, and it was as you describe. A giant wall of sand, a couple minutes of orange haze, and then raining buckets of mud.

The oil fires I saw in Kirkuk were huge. I don’t know what was going on, maybe entire refineries on fire. It wasn’t your average oil well for sure. If you hold your arms out at 45 degrees in front of you and point to the horizon, that is how big the plumes were at a distance of 5-10 miles. Reminded me of pictures of a huge F5 tornado. Luckily they didn’t waft over the base and instead seemed to stay together as a mass as it drifted miles above us.

You might think about adding some heat shimmer to the scenes if you can get away with it. I don’t know how else you can describe hellish heat visually. The weather was basically mild in Kirkuk(95F in June), but we stopped in Baghdad(Balad) on the way out and it was like a whole other world. The C-130 tail opened up, 120 degrees hit us in the face, the sky was orange, and there were oil fires burning on the horizon. It was like we had literally landed in Hell. :stuck_out_tongue: Black flag at 10pm at night, ridiculous.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Hopefully have some pretty new screens to share in a bit. Just working a few kinks out before I can show the latest assets.

Heh pretty cool, i was on al asad too for a little while, thought i recognized some of those areas… I think i have a few pics lying around as well.