IPhonePackager new Code Signature Format


I’m using iPhonePackager.exe quite often to re-sign my apps. I think it’s a great tool and easy to use.

Recently when distributing my apps outside the app store users getting a warning that the apps needs to be updated. It’s still working; for now users can skip this warning but it looks like that’s going to change in the future.

I found this article related to the subject and it looks like that apple is starting to use a new format for their code signature:

I would love for epic to update iPhonePackager to use the new format so that the warning disappears and my apps don’t suddenly stop functioning with an future iOS update.

Thanks a lot!


Agreed. Any word from Epic on this? And/or, anyone know of a simple workaround?

Any solution?

Just to let you know that I have found a temporary work around to the problem. But does require access to a Mac (or OSX VM).

See my post:
iOS 14.5 breaks all Unreal apps made on Windows (and temporary workaround) - Development Discussion / iOS Development - Unreal Engine Forums

I read the thread and see this is allegedly fixed in 4.27, but THANK YOU for detailing out the workaround, wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes necessary again someday