iPhone X full screen

I’m currently porting an Unreal iOS App to iPhone X. Unfortunately with the current implementation in 4.18.0 it sticks to 16:9 aspect ratio and shows massive black bars. The AR App “The Machines” which was made using UE4 works in full screen, so I assume it is already supported.
Anyone has a clue how to force Unreal to embrace the notch and make use of those precious extra pixels?

Looking at the same issue right now. I believe if the project does not have a splash screen that fits the new resolution, the project will not utilize the full screen resolution. My hope is that we can just do some entry to the plist and that would fix it, however it would have been nice for 4.18 to have had iPhone X support.

Got it working, my theory was indeed correct :slight_smile:

Just copy the following into the “Additional Plist Data” field in the iOS Platform tab under Project Settings:

<key>UILaunchImages~iphone</key> <array> <dict> <key>UILaunchImageMinimumOSVersion</key> <string>8.0</string> <key>UILaunchImageName</key> <string>Default-IPhone6Plus-Landscape.png</string> <key>UILaunchImageOrientation</key> <string>Landscape</string> <key>UILaunchImageSize</key> <string>{375, 812}</string> </dict> </array>

It’s a little dirty, but it gives people a point to work from until Epic Game properly implements iPhone X support into Unreal Engine.

For me the image isn’t displayed correctly. The edges are just repetitions of the edges. Seems like somewhere they should be doing Aspect Fill instead of Fit. How did you get that to work?

I imagine the problem is with your passthrough camera mesh/material setup, not the iPhone X specifically, how does it behave on iPad?

I followed the setup method outlined in this video for my base camera configuration:

Hi GMM, your solution is working well on my iPhone X but now I don’t have full screen anymore on iPhone 6/7/8. Is there a way to improve the Plist to make it work on all the iphones?