iPhone X compatibility

You’re not iPhone X compatible yet. Please add this to iOS builds:

class ViewController: UIViewController


   override func prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden() -> Bool


       return true



This will hide this otherwise permanent, touch-consuming white bar on the iPhone X:

Even though its good to have that as a option for the developer, you are still not allowed to have touch buttons in that space - check out the Human Interface Guidelines - you have to respect the screen safe and in landscape its down the bottom and both sides.

Seems like a poor design decision.

Regardless, hide it. It’s covering a place where button labels are likely to end up. The functionality exists, so use it.

Where can I put that code to remove the homebar?

In the engine source.

This would be really nice addition.

It does seem like it fades away now when not being used since at least 4.20, so the feedback has been taken on board.

On 4.21 is fade to gray and then stays there. It should hide completely.

Nope it’s completely gone here. It only appears briefly in grey if you swipe up from the bottom.

Have you tested with 4.21?

I believe I have done a 4.21 build, yes. I’ll check for sure the next time I do a test build though.