iPhone aspect ratio wrong with UMG HUD

I’m attempting to use UMG for my HUD now that it’s more usable (yes, I know it’s still experimental). Things work and look good on PC and an iPad, but for some reason the aspect ratio is way off on an iPhone 5.

The first image is what it looks like in the designer of the UMG widget with the aspect ratio set to iPhone 5 landscape

The second is a screen from the phone showing that it’s not at all close to what the designer is showing.

Is there somewhere that I need to set up aspect ratios for platforms or is that supposed to be automatic in UMG? I am still running an old-school HUD in the background, but don’t have anything there set to change the ratio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Will eventually be automatic, hasn’t been done yet :slight_smile:

Anything I can do now to set it manually with BP or is it a C++ thing?

Nope, the long and short of it is we need to have a better viewport management system in place and part of that work is adding a location users can configure the DPI scalar curves to manage how the UI scales up or down on different aspect ratios and resolutions. Right now there just isn’t a root level widget for performing that scaling unless you do everything manually with slate.

Alright. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.

I think it’s because of the 71:40 aspect ration of the Iphone 5 / and new Ipod touch (5g) maybe add a second camera with an 71:40 aspect ratio?