iPhone 5s & 6 Different Viewport Sizes?

I have been trying to get the best possible screen size for different phones but it ends up looking fuzzy.
Atm in umg it doesn’t have a Screen Size preview for iPhone 6 but when launching the game I can at least check it out.

I don’t know why but my iPhone 6 Viewport size is set to be 667x375, which leaves all the textures fuzzy. My iPhone 5s does the normal 1136x640. I end up have to scaling it from 375 to scale 0.35 which gets the correct size but it looks ■■■■.

Is there anyway you can can set the original screen resolution which is 1334x775 to iPhone 6 so it becomes more crisper. I’m also wondering if someone has had any similar problems with iPhone 6 plus since I don’t own one. Don’t want to have problems with that has well.

I fixed it by adding the following to Config/DefaultDeviceProfile.ini

[iPhone6 DeviceProfile]