iPad Virtual Production vCam - can't control an animated camera

I have a virtual production vCam set up using the Unreal Remote 2 app on an iPad. It works great and as expected except when trying to control the vCam when it’s a child of an animated object.

I’ve set up the levels with :

Persistent Level

The VP_art contains the set and the VP_cine contains the VP root Actor, and the virtual cameras. No mater what sequence, subsequence, camera animation set up, I can not get the vCam to be a child of an animated asset.

In this video demo from unreal it’s so close to showing how it’s done, but I’m not finding enough information inside the video to make this happen. I’m really not sure why he’s using the vCam and the UE_virtualCamera_01 in the take recorder, because the VP root Actor is only connected to “vCam” and the iPad app auto processes the current camera (in this case the UE_virtualCamera_01)

Can anyone help out to use the take recorder with the vCam as a child of an object that’s animated. So the example would be to animate a jib move, and then the vCam would be the remote head on the jib and determine where the camera is looking as the jib is animated.