iPad Profiling and Logs

I am currently experiences hitches on an iPad with my app that I am trying to debug. I’ve read the best way to troubleshoot the issue is with the use of the Frontend Profiler and loading a file outputted by ‘stat startfile’ whilst running the game. This works on PC but PC doesn’t experience any hitching so profiling on the PC doesn’t help me. I need to see what is causing the hitching on the iPad. I tried doing ‘stat startfile’ on the iPad but I cannot find the log that it is supposed to output. The only logs I can extract from the iPad are crash related logs. Is it possible to get the ‘stat startfile’ log?

After some googling, someone suggested to use XCode for profiling. However there is no documentation that I can find on how one would do that. I have a Mac (10.11.3) with XCode (7.2) installed. Can someone explain the process?