IPA size excessively large (over 500Mb)

I’ve shipped with Unreal Engine before to iOS and got reasonable IPA sizes (around 120-130Mb for a simple project). Now I’ve created an extremely simple project and the packaged size is over 500Mb. I’m using standard settings, compression enabled in packaging, only one map in the content folder and no unused content. Almost all plugins are disabled as I don’t need them. I use 4.25 compiled from source and remote compile on a MacBook Pro.

What is most weird is that the size of the “saved\cooked” folder is only 140Mb, so how come my IPA is 529Mb? Any ideas?

Hey dude! I am here with you. I am struggling with IPA size as well, except my game is pushing the 2gig limit and fails to package when it reaches that.

If you were to package out a blank 3rd person project, the size is a couple hundred MB’s of just engine dependencies as what not. You can’t really get around that with UE4 right now. I am assuming the additional MB’s in your case is your map, and the assets on your map/ in your content folder.

You could try following the official doc page on reducing IPA size but you probably have already tried that?