IOS8 provisioning profile issues


I picked up an which i do not believe is directly related to UE4.
Apple removed the ability to manually install provision profiles.
Also they removed profiles being visible under general - settings - profiles on the device.

The i picked up is that UDID’s do not update correctly.
Basically if you add a new device and a new provisioning profile… somewhere along the line the device is lost.

Even though ib the apple dev portal the device is listed with the correct UDID under the provision profile.
When you try to launch the game or package and install the game on the new device it is not accepting the device as one of the correct devices.

Regrettably neither UE4 or the apple device gives any sufficient logging information in this regard.
The most annoying factor is… when launching or packaging and installing on my iphone, which also has its UDID listed… it works 100%.

I believe this is more of an apple bug than anything else…

The only information i have been able to gather is that Hockeyapp users are experiencing the exact same. Where newly added devices are not getting the provision profile correctly.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

I have a workaround but i do now believe it is UE4 related.
ok i discovered a little more information.

… Provision entry SN
‘4383CA7B1F23D65A’ matched 1 installed
certificate(s) … … Installed
certificate ‘iPhone Developer: Lukas
de ■■■■ (GL862S8ZX2)’ is valid
(choosing it) (range ‘10/20/2014
7:28:50 PM’ to ‘10/20/2015 7:28:50
PM’) Picked
‘AbducteePreview.mobileprovision’ with
AppID ‘M7BUG7TNMT.*’ and Name ‘C
rocopedeDev’ as a matching provision
for the game ‘IwasAbducted’ Looking
for a certificate that matches the
application identifier 'M7BUG7TNMT.

CrocopedeDev is the incorrect mobile provision. Even though i am selecting my other mobile provision called IOSDEV it for some strange reason does not update it correctly. Almost as if is reading cached information.

I cleared out binaries\IOS but this did not help.

I then went to the Unreal IOS Configuration wizard and selected advanced tools and opted to manually resign an IPA.

Selecting the provision profile then displayed correctly
Using mobile provision ‘IOSDEV’ to code sign
… Writing updated embedded.mobileprovision
Looking for a certificate that matches the application identifier ‘M7BUG7TNMT.

Then i can install the game on my device.
However… when you select existing user or new user… it will revert to the original profile.

Launching a game to the device is then not possible because it would still look for the old provision profile.

I posted more information earlier but it appears to have disappeared.
If i use advanced tools under Unreal IOS packager then selecting the provision profile it is possible to package the game.

But if you package from within UE it switches back to the old provision profile.

Sorry about the message not showing up, it is currently stuck in the moderation queue, I have informed Epic so hopefully it will get pushed through shortly. :slight_smile:

Cool thank you.

This was resolved. 4.7 addresses the cert issues and prov profiles. Thx