iOS VR Cardboard App help

Hey guys, I recently built an Android Google VR Cardboard App. It’s about being on the moon looking around and have some gaze interactions with the surrounding planets.
Unfortunately when building the same for iOS the App crashes on iphone. In 4.20 it only crashes after submitting it to the store and in 4.21 it crashes also in development build. The problem is the Google VR Plugin.
Is there any workaround? Could someone do a bit of programming magic and create split screen and gyro manually?
The budget is small but I can offer a bit of money for it.
Thanks in advance!
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Skype me if you like: olaf.bendfeldt

you could try reporting it here:
(link your epic account to github to view if you see a 404)
but they are not very responsive :frowning:

Thanks, Yes I’m linked and on this topic is already a report. But no solution …

tried reporting it to Epic?