IOS Upload to Appstore ERROR 90035

Ok it has been several days I am trying to get an .IPA of my project to the App Store to do some Testflight
I need to release the App in the coming week :frowning:

The packaging part is successful but when uploading the application .IPA through Application Loader on Mac, I always get the error:

 ERROR ITMS-90035: "Invalid Signature. Code failed to satisfy specified code requirement(s). The file at path [] is not properly signed. Make sure you have signed your application with a distribution certificate, not an ad hoc certificate or a development certificate. Verify that the code signing settings in Xcode are correct at the target level (which override any values at the project level). Additionally, make sure the bundle you are uploading was built using a Release target in Xcode, not a Simulator target. If you are certain your code signing settings are correct, choose "Clean All" in Xcode, delete the "build" directory in the Finder, and rebuild your release target. For more information, please consult"

Using 4.22.3 from Launcher on Win10
Mac mini on Mojave and Xcode 10.2.1

I am trying a new blank project for now, Blueprint Only but my project will need a plugin from marketplace and icons so I will remote build.

What I did:
-have the apple WDRCA
-generate Distribution certificate through Xcode and also on the site
-export the certificate from keychain to a .p12 file
-register device, create appID and provisioning profile on
-double click provisioning profile
-new blank Bp project
-configure for IOS, bundle identifier, shipping, for distribution
-import provision and certificate, Build
-select the .IPA through Application Loader and after a while, error 90035!!

I really would need some help as the client is waiting to have the app and I have exhausted all the resources specifically about UE4

My next step is to try install UE4 on the Mac mini and build directly from there to see if this is better
I am wondering if this is an UE4 issue or apple issue?
Also is there some specific configuration to be done to Xcode when generating a Blueprint with some plugin to compile?

Some help would be really awesome!

You should always build production releases on the Mac. For whatever reason it just works much better.

Aside from the benefit of it actually working the provisioning and signing setup is much simpler. Keep doing your dev builds on windows while it’s still a blueprint-only project though.

You’ll still need to transfer the IPA to Windows, unzip it, fix the icon (that they refuse to fix in the engine) and then re-zip and re-sign it on Windows. Bizarrely, signing it this way will work.

I have a fresh install of UE 4.22.3 on the Mac and with a new blank project, trying to package to IOS I have this error


UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): UPL Init: None
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): ERROR: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at Tools.DotNETCommon.FileSystemReference.CombineStrings (Tools.DotNETCommon.DirectoryReference BaseDirectory, System.String] Fragments) [0x00047] in <b22dd851f46744ca937fbe8e0fdf569d>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at Tools.DotNETCommon.FileReference.Combine (Tools.DotNETCommon.DirectoryReference BaseDirectory, System.String] Fragments) [0x00000] in <b22dd851f46744ca937fbe8e0fdf569d>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at IOSPlatform.WriteEntitlements (AutomationTool.ProjectParams Params, DeploymentContext SC) [0x000a5] in <2db7284be806459f8143e6c2a92f35f1>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at IOSPlatform.Package (AutomationTool.ProjectParams Params, DeploymentContext SC, System.Int32 WorkingCL) [0x00457] in <2db7284be806459f8143e6c2a92f35f1>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at Project.Package (AutomationTool.ProjectParams Params, System.Int32 WorkingCL) [0x000bc] in <3164993c0f274a4881e2b86f16956f50>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at BuildCookRun.DoBuildCookRun (AutomationTool.ProjectParams Params) [0x00094] in <3164993c0f274a4881e2b86f16956f50>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at BuildCookRun.ExecuteBuild () [0x00040] in <3164993c0f274a4881e2b86f16956f50>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.BuildCommand.Execute () [0x00001] in <cb2b2e3c6612441e9c5a4d3920a09e04>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.Automation.Execute (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] CommandsToExecute, System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue] Commands) [0x0007c] in <cb2b2e3c6612441e9c5a4d3920a09e04>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.Automation.Process (System.String] Arguments, UnrealBuildTool.StartupTraceListener StartupListener) [0x0026f] in <cb2b2e3c6612441e9c5a4d3920a09e04>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.Program.MainProc (System.String] Arguments, UnrealBuildTool.StartupTraceListener StartupListener) [0x00001] in <f853a190c711447dac486b03c7e442ae>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.Program+<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<Main>b__2 () [0x00000] in <f853a190c711447dac486b03c7e442ae>:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.InternalUtils.RunSingleInstance (System.Func`1[TResult] Main) [0x000a0] in &lt;cb2b2e3c6612441e9c5a4d3920a09e04&gt;:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):          at AutomationTool.Program.Main (System.String] Arguments) [0x0020a] in &lt;f853a190c711447dac486b03c7e442ae&gt;:0 
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS):        (see /Users/scherten/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/LocalBuildLogs/Log.txt for full exception trace)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): RunUAT ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully.

Is there anything to setup besides installing Xcode and provisioning/cert?

About error 90035 in application loader, any clues on what could be the cause?
Is there other way to upload a project to App Store?

@Antidamage could you elaborate on the process of “fixing the icon” by “unzipping the IPA on Windows” ? that sounds like it could be the solution to my current problem

Not really much elaboration to make apart from the very last step. Copy the IPA to Windows, unzip it, look at the icons, fix the one that’s still the Unreal Engine icon, zip it back up (no compression), and then run the iPhone Packager Tools that come with UE. Go to advanced and re-sign the package using the same certs you signed it with originally, then copy the file back to the Mac and upload it with the Application Loader.

alright, thanks!