iOS Test from Windows with free apple developer account


I’m trying to learn how to do AR things with Unreal. Unfortunately I don’t have any Android device, but only Apple’s.
So I don’t need to pack/build anything, I only need to try something on my device and, as I know nothing on this topic, I don’t want to pay.

After reading a lot of information about it, I’m not so sure that it’s possible, but this is what I have done until now and I really hope there is a way to do it:

  1. I have a Macbook pro (not really good so it’s nearly impossible to run Unreal from there).

  2. I update the osx to the last version and also install the last version of XCode.

  3. Create an automatic certificate/provisioning with my ID apple following this guide: Xcode Free Provisioning — Steemit

  4. Test a template app from XCode to my Iphone with this certificate/provisioning (it works).

  5. Export them from Keychain Access (and also from XCode just in case something was different).

  6. Import them in Windows and double click on the certificate to install it.

  7. Create a new empty UE project with the same name of the build on the XCode.

  8. Change all the names in the project settings of iOS.

  9. Import the provisioning profile and the certificate.

  10. Try to launch it from the editor “All_IOS_on_***” with my Iphone connected.

The problem is that Unreal doesn’t import my certificate at all, nothing appears in the list and I don’t know if this is really the problem. Maybe I don’t launch the app in the right way or maybe I don’t import the certificate as I have to or maybe I simply can’t test an app from a Windows without paying for the developer account.

Some screenshots:

XCode settings:

Unreal settings and errors:

Thank you for your help!