iOS Splash screen upside down bug on iPhone 5?

4.7.2 on OSX.

i can only test this on iPhone 5 and iPad 2.
on the iPhone 5: i have 2 different projects set to support landscape left and right only and when packaged for development the splash screens rotate upside down. i have 1 project set to support portrait and upside down only and the splash screen shows landscape left and will not rotate.
On the iPad 2: all splash screens on all projects work as expected.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to recreate this error that you have been seeing on an iPhone 5. I have written up JIRA report UE-11767 and placed this report into our bug database so that this issue may be addressed in a future release.

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iPhone (except 6+) only has a single splash screen (because the home screen is always in portrait on iPhone, so it shows a portrait splash screen). Since most games are landscape, we fake a landscape splash screen with portrait orientation. You will just need to make a normal portrait splash screen.

What? it worked fine until last update. surely its a bug that need to be fixed.

Actually, I think we fixed a splash screen rotation bug. Are you referring to the very initial splash screen that the OS shows as soon as you click on the icon? I will also get the guy who worked on that bit to chime in here :slight_smile:

, have you put in your own splash screens? We found there was a bug probably since 4.4 or earlier where the landscape right and landscape left default images were flipped. Further, there was an issue in the code also related to landscape left and landscape right which is why there made flipped in the first place. This has been fixed in 4.7. So, if you have already made your splash screen for landscape, then the bug fix is going to make it look like they are flipped, but that is the correct orientation. You will probably have to fix your images if you have made them.


Hi Pete im shure my images are correct they are landscape not flipped. Even the unreal template images are upside down on iPhone 5. Maybe it’s because my projects are converted from 4.6. But that shouldn’t effect unreal template images.

Can you post your splash screens so I can see what you mean?


video link to to issue showing 3 apps. 1 and 2 are landscape only and 3 is portrait only

Thx, I’ll look in to it some more today.