iOS - Splash screen then Crash

Hi guys,
Just to see if anyone can lend a hand here.

Got my app build in 4.26(now up to 4.27 due to iPhone being updated), But I am running into an issue where the app does not launch once on the device.

I have used the iPhone packager to load the app onto the phone, and that all works fine, but once I go to load the app, I get the Ue4 splash screen and it just closes. No error message, and I cant see anything obvious in the crash log.

The app is basically just a series of MP4s and images, with some associated blueprints, but I am unsure if this would be an issue. I have built the same app on Andriod and that all works fine…

Probably worth pointing out I am creating this app solely within windows, and don’t have access to a Mac.
And it is an iPhone X, on iOS 14.8

This is the first time I have created an app for iOS, so i could be missing something obvious here.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :smiley: