iOS - SDK Verification failed. Would you like to attempt the Launch On anyway?

Can someone please help? I am having an issue launching to my iPhone. It keeps giving me the issue with this error message:

SDK Verification failed.

The only solutions online are related to andriod SDK, but I am needing support with iOS.

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Are you using a compiled UE5 or the official early access 2 from Epic ?

I think I am using the official UE5 early access release

Sadly for you with the official early access you are out of luck because ,first is compiled with an old iOS sdk, not the latest 15. Second the iPhonepacker is an old version too and will give you error with Certificates to install in any iPad or iPhone.
I spend 3 days applying fixes to my UE5 early access source code to make it work the way I want it.
I cant explain all I did because is too much but I can give you a link to my google drive with the binaries ready to use. Its compiled with Visual studio 2022 and has all fixes ready for iOS.
Let me know.

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I believe UE5 is not ready for publishing games yet. You might have to go through a lot of loops to make it ready on different platforms. Better wait for UE5 to come out or follow TrueFranco’s suggestions and links.

Thank you for this. I might go back to 4.27 for now. It might be easier for me.

Has anyone managed to get UE5 from source to work with iOS SDK and if so, what are the hoops to jump through as whilst we have UE5 built from source, as is, iOS doesn’t appear to be a supported platform. I assume somehow the iOS SDK needs to be compiled as part of building the UE5 engine? Can this be done on PC or is a Mac required?

Yes David it can be done with your PC only. I use a virtual Mac installed in Vmware player 16.
Just look on google how to install Mac os big sur in vmware.
Then you need to setup your certificates.
And finally enable the remote build in your config files.
I can help you if you are really interested.
Let me know.

Thanks - I have a physical Mac for iOS remote build already (not sure if you’re technically allowed to create a virtual Mac on VMWare under Mac EULA but would be interested if that was the case).
Would it be possible to share the steps?

I have a physical Mac too but it’s much faster to build the engine in my VM with 24 cores.

Installing this SDK solved the same issue for me:

Download .NET Core 3.1 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) (


Thanks, this worked