iOS resolution build setting?

Does anyone know of a way to set the quality / resolution (retina) settings for iOS?

At the moment it would seem that UE deploys is a very low resolution and at lowest possible quality settings…

I’ve had a look around and some others are having similar difficulties with suggestions that don’t work…

Any ideas?


You can control this via .ini files right now. We are planning to have a device profile editor in a future release, but it wasn’t ready in time for 4.0.1.

For example, Tappy Chicken has Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini:

This r.MobileContentScaleFactor property is relative to the ‘nominal iOS resolution’ for a device. For example, a Retina iPad has actual resolution 2048x1536, but nominal resolution 1024x768, so you’d use 2.0 to get native resolution there. You can also use fractional values like 1.5 if you want more resolution but not the full peformance hit from running at native resolution.

You can set many other properties in a device profile such as a texture pool size; it’s the recommended way of handling scalability on different mobile devices or in scalability settings buckets on PC/Mac.

Michael Noland

Excellent! This worked, thanks for the help.

Digging up a very old thread here, I just wanted to check in about something: ‘Nominal resolution’, what does that mean in this case? I’m not sure why they’d call it 1024768 if the actual pixels on the unit is 20481536… Thanks!