iOS Remote Build (Source) Question

I just updated my PC w/4.7.2 and I was just wondering if I have to copy over all of the source over to the mac before I do another build (it is in 4.7.1) or does all of the source originate from my machine. I notice it copies everything it needs to (it seems) to the mac when performing builds so I was just curious as to what exactly is required on the remote build machine and how often I need to remember to keep it up to date and with what files =)

Long winded, sorry!


Does that mean it only requires the unreal remote built exe to run? Does that also mean I can do away w/the other directories. Does that mean I can just ignore the other directories? Does that mean the remote build tool directory can be a standalone directory?

I’m asking these questions because in the past I’ve been downloading and updating source on both machines and now wondering how much less work really has to be done on the mac =)

Thank you so much!

It copies the source from your PC install to the mac and then compiles it. It is smart enough to do some time stamp checks so it doesn’t send the files over every time, but it keeps itself up to date.


Well, I’ve always had it on both machines, but technically all you really need is UnrealRemoteTool. Everything else is copied there as needed.