iOS Quick Start Guide: 4. iOS provisioning (non-enrolled procedure missing?)

This is regarding this iOS Quick Start guide, step 4. iOS Provisioning - Add Devices

As far as I see it seems like you’re assuming an enrollment to the iOS developer member, since without it I think you’re not able to edit certificates from the Apple developers site. The main problem is that you don’t mention this, which is a bit confusing.

I don’t know exactly if it’s exactly possible to make it work without this enrollment, but if it is, it would be very appreciated another step/slide/section describing the procedure of adding a device just for testing purposes without having the anual enrollment to the iOS program.

I found some info about this alternative ways of getting the provision and certificates in other threads without dealing with the AppleDeveloper site, but just letting Xcode generating this provisiong.

I think that should be the case of many other casual ios developers who just want to test before actually enroll, and I think it would be very nice to have it there in the QuickStart properly documented.

Is this still applying with the new version 4.18 of the documentation?

I can imagine you’re assuming the users will end needing a membership plan with their AppleID accounts if they plan to ship. In fact I’ll become member if I can just test some UE4 first.

As far as I know, it shouldn’t have to be mandatory having that membership, at least I can Launch on my devices (up to 100) test apps generating the proper signing and provisioning, simple using xcode projects, lanching them from xcode.

Could you confirm that UE4 editor “launching approach” doesn’t handles no-paid (free) apple developer accounts like xcode does?