Ios quick fps drop on new object loading / rendering in scene and then normal fps

Hey everyone,

It’s a side scroller 3D game that we are building on ios but there is a weird issue. When game is loaded everything is ok but when moving left or right and you reach at a view that camera will view a new object that wasn’t at the starting point (it has to render it first time i guess or load it from file system no idea how engine loads objects (static meshes)) then game freezes for less then half second and then it’s going back to normal.

Normally game run constant 60 FPS as it is locked in 60 FPS which should not have fps drops due to it’s low poly max triangles on screen are 80k. LOD is default nothing configured specific for this project because we think it’s low poly game (all static meshes are modeled as low poly) it’s not needed to have LOD levels??

On Windows packaged game there is no issue i guess due to hardware :), looking for suggestions… game is tested on iPhone 5s and iPhone SE on both hardware game freezes.

side note: if i run the map for first time it freezes on some spots where we hit new object but if i close the game and run again no issues at all i guess due to game is still in ram or cached somehow…

any experienced with problem like this?

I believe I encounter something similar. I have bombs in my game and explosion effects are displayed when the bombs go off. The game freezes the same way whenever the FIRST explosion takes place. I currently get around the problem by forcing a bomb explosion, when the level starts, somewhere not visible to the player. This does not seem to be a very good way, so I hope someone from Epic can say something about it. Thank you.