IOS Provisioning

I am always having same issue.Please help me .

I have an Apple developer Account, with that I have created Developer certificate and Provisoning Profile, when I upload my files its showing like the attachment. I have project developed for IPOD Pro and I am not able to test and package.


Could not find file ’ D:\UE_4.20\Engine\Build\Ios\UE4Game-Info.plist…

Developing on MAC or Windows? Your provision is blank? I found it impossible to develop on Windows using same Provision and certs… I had to request brand new certs from Keychain on the MAC OS in order for the provision and cert to see each other and build.

If anyone is still having issues launching your iOS game on your device…

Use the “IPhonePackager.exe” only to generate the “Certificate Signing Request” (It seems that after UE4.5 Epic deprecated its usage)
**BUT: **If you really want to use “IPhonePackager.exe”, you have to download a file called “UE4Game-Info.plist” from the 4.6 branch of UE4 in github and place it in your UE4 installation directory under: “UnrealEngine/Engine/Build/IOS/”. If you don’t do so, you will get errors on the IPhonePackager console.