iOS provisioning issues

I have a problem with iOS provisioning in Unreal 4 engine. It used to work in older versions. I updated my certificate, then I created a bundle identifier which works when building test app from Xcode. However, when I am trying to associate this working identifier with my Unreal4 project on iPhone, it does not recognize it as valid (even though it used to work with the same method). Did something change recently with the way the iOS provisioning works in UE4?

Hey Iwanowskip,

Please make sure that your Apple certificate is up to date: [][1]

Could you please submit your full output logs from UE4 and also a screenshot showing your provisions and certificates? Make sure to black out anything that’s confidential.


Hi ,

I am having a problem importing my ios provision.
I have followed all the steps exactly, however, the installation tip says that a “green check” sign should appear when it has imported successfully. I am not getting this “green check”. Also, when I try to re-import the provision a message display appears saying that “a provision already exist, do I want to re-enter another one?” When I re-enter the provision nothing happens.

also, the IPP (iphone packager) is displaying a message that says "could not find file ‘C:program files… IOS/UE4Game-info.plist’

your help is greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance.

Mr. ,

If you go to:


 C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\MobileDevice\Provisioning Profiles
 (or wherever your  directory is), 


 ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles
 /Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles

You can see the profiles and delete them manually. I’d sort them by date. I would then go back in and add your provisions back. I’d do the same thing Iwanowskip!

Hey Iwanowskip,

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Thank you!

After looking online for a while, I figure out what the problem was. It was the invalid certificate in my keychain access. I had to also delete the expired signing certificate from System tab, not just login tab. After that the certificate generated with apple developer site showed up as valid. thanks!

this was the answer to my issue.

I believe I need to do this as well. Could you be a bit more specific. What system tab and login tab are you speaking of exactly?