iOS Packaging

Hi :rolleyes:
When i tried packaging for iOS from UE 4.5, the console always give me error " Build Failed " !

Must i packing my iOS game on MAC ?

no answer !

Can you post a more detailed log please.

Here is part of the output log:

What version of the engine do you have, the binary download or the GitHub source version?


I’m using source version.
P.S.: The same problem happened when i tried packaging for Android, but the problem gone when build Development/Android how can i solve that for iOS ?

So the source version doesn’t provide a pre-built UE4Game.stub. You will need to setup and run the remote tool (Engine/Build/IOS/UnrealRemoteTool) on a Mac and then specify the machine name in your BuildConfiguration.xml (Engine/Programs/UnrealBuildtool/BuildConfiguration.xml). The steps for setting this all up can be found here: Steps for IOS build with UnrealRemoteTool - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums