iOS packaging woes

ive spent 21 hours this weekend trying to get bundle IDs, dist certs and mobileprovisions set up to package an iOS app, and totally failed. I can make a dev package using a wildcard * bundle ID but stuck now. The App was originally started on a PC, using VaRest and Google Cardbiard VR. We have a MacBook for iOS deployment, which has worked using dev certs and provisions, but I can’t get dist certs, etc, recognised unless I use the wildcard bundle ID, which means I can’t archive to send to Apple or TestFlight, etc. What’s the magic recipe?

Well, I did get it working in the end. The Project Folder, and the Bundle ID have to match up - in our case RoadSafety and com.doctormikereddy.RoadSafety respectively - but the Bundle Name could be different, allowing me to package with the final version of the app name different to the original project. However, there are still some issues with our deployment MacBook losing mobileprovision files, which is documented in a separate thread.