IOS Packaging (Provision - Identifier Not Matched)

Hi, Im trying to package my game for the iPhone, I’ve followed all the steps on the UE4 documentation but i keep getting " Identifier Not Matched " When uploading the Provision document

Thank you, after a long day reading lots of threats and trying different things, I have noticed that is something very simple.

(notice that EPIC warns that only Iphone 5s is the earliest version you can test it, I failed in the past because I was trying to test my game on an Iphone 5.)

Here is the solution that worked for me, and I now was able to have a test bed on my Iphone 6,

The e-mail on Wizard must match e-mail on Apple Developer website
under the e-mail there is an option for Company, the name you place here must match your Bundle Identifier on the UE4 settings.


The App Name on Developer Website must match Bundle Identifier on UE4 settings –

Your Bundle Identifier on the UE4 settings should look something like this com.(CompanyName).(AppName)

Hope that helps


Thank you so much !