Ios packaging error

Hi i have blank unreal project and i can launch the project to the iphone, but i cannot create signed ipa file to add it to the Itunes. I am uble to package without signing, but in this case Itunes don’t allow me upload my app. If some one knows please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Are you a paid member of the apple developer program?

Yes i have apple developer account

Try signing off your certificates through key chain.

I think I know how to fix it. We have company Itunes account (I have admin role) but distribution certificate I used was not from my account. I used this certificate before from xcode and it works fine, but maybe Unreal can use it. Now I should wait for certificate became available (time difference). I will leave new comment after test.

I tested it and yes, you should have you own (for your account) distribution signing key for this.After I create my own distribution certificate I became able to sign application.