[ios] packaging error says code-based project not supported, even if my project is bluprint-based


I keep having this message : “Sorry, packaging a code-based project for the selected platform is currently not supported. This feature may be available in a future release.” whenever i try packaging for iOS, although my project is blueprint-based. Packaging for Windows plateform on same project works just fine.
Why does it think it’s code-based project ? is there a way to verify if my project is fully blueprint-based ?

Thanks a bunch

First of all, please try to see if there is a “Source” folder to the project.

If any, open the “.uproject” file in a text editor, please check the “Modules”.

	"Name": "MyProject",
	"Type": "Runtime",
	"LoadingPhase": "Default",

When it was if “Modules” so that contains something like the above, the project has got been recognized as code-based.

Alternatively, if you are adding a plugin on your own, to see if there is a “Source” folder to the plugin, open the “.uplugin” file in a text editor, please try to check the “Modules”.

Thanks yy_naka for answering, i did a verification : no source folder found as well as no mention of source code within the .uproject file, all what’s in is this :

“FileVersion”: 3,
“EngineAssociation”: “4.10”,
“Category”: “”,
“Description”: “”,
“Plugins”: [
“Name”: “LevelSequenceEditor”,
“Enabled”: true

Thinking of starting from blank Bluprint Project and migrating my files to it then packaging. Hope this works.

If anyone has a better solution please help.


Apparently, the Enabled “LevelSequenceEditor” plug-ins in your project, seems to be the cause of the code-based.
If you disable the “LevelSequenceEditor”, you will be able to iOS build even Windows.

If you want to use is absolutely “LevelSequenceEditor” in your project, there is no choice but to build the Mac.

it’s indeed due to “LevelSequncerEditor” plugin, disabled it and now i m able to package for iOS. Thanks yy_naka for the tips.