iOS Packaging error: iTunes not installed


I get the following error when I’m trying to package or launch a Blueprint only project on an iOS device:

PackagingResults: Error: Remote compiling requires a server name. Please specify one in the Remote Server Name settings field.

Inspecting the tutorial provided with the error message it seems that the engine thinks iTunes is not installed.
I suspect the issue is the Windows Store version of iTunes which I had previously installed.

I base my assumption on this thread:
iTunes installed from Windows store doesn’t work

Since then I have uninstalled the app version of iTunes, removed all its components from the control panel according to Apple’s guide and reinstalled the proper desktop version, but the issue remained.

Is there any known solutions or troubleshooting steps to confirm the error, I really don’t want to reinstall Windows!


bumping as it is still an issue

bumping again as it is still an issue

I run into the same problem every now and then. Epic should provide a clear explanation/tutorial on ios packaging and pitfalls in it.

Thanks for your reply! When it happens, can you solve the issue without reinstalling Windows?