iOS - Packaged project has black levels

I’ve decided to upgrade my project from 4.22 to 4.24 (because I couldn’t package project to iOS 13.3 - xCode 11 is needed and it works only with newer versions of UE). So, I backed up the project and upgraded it. Everything works perfectly in the editor, no errors, nothing (asset validation is ok). Game works as intended. I’ve been trought almost every asset I have and I tried to compile every asset again, every time it worked = 0 errors.
So I tried to make a build. Build Successful (that’s what It said). So I launched game on my iPhone (iPhone 7 Pplus, iOS 13.3) and there come the problem. Everything I saw was UI and black map (or maybe blank map, I don’t know, everything was black), now I know that the map must be there, or at least the map settings were packaged, because in my main menu I use different game mode than in my levels, so I only wonder why is it black? I tried changing it to every other level (map) I had, I even created new one and put a direct light etc. so it won’t be black, nothing worked.
So I tried creating new project on 4.24.1 and launching it on my iPhone (3rd person game) and it worked. So I wonder where is the problem, because the problem is not in the old maps, whenever I create new one, set is as default map and launched I saw only black screen and UI. So there must be some sort of problem in project itself, however I was not able to find where, but I guess it has something to do with switching to newer version of Unreal Engine.

I’d appreciate any help.



Other info:
OS: MacOS 10.15 Catalina
xCode: 11.3
UE: 4.24.1

Same issue.

We’ve seen the same simply building from a template file with nothing added. Building natively on a Mac, no remote build etc

The project settings show a list of map files “Level1”, “Level2” and so on.
But the content browser shows map files named “Level1_2”, “Level2_2” and so on.
So there is a mismatch between level name and filename of level-file.

Notice that in the editor the level name is “MenuLevel” (top left in your screenshot and also in the world outliner).
The list of maps to cook in the project name does not take level names, but file names, like shown in the content browser.

Try fixing the file naming.
It should be “MenuLevel_02” in the project settings or rename the level in the content browser to a proper “MenuLevel”. If map name and map file name are the same, that’s probably better.

Yeah, I tried recopying levels, It didn’t work. The fact that there is level1_2 doesn’t change anything since there is only one menu level called MainMenu and It doesn’t load up on mobile devices. What I’ve done is I copied all my blueprints into new project and recreated levels, now It works. So there is some kind of issue when you update your project to 4.24 or so.

In the upper left-hand corner of your image, there is a red error that says "Lighting needs to be re-built (80 unbuilt objects ). This means that the static lighting for your project has not been built so none of the lightmaps that store the static lighting have been created and applied to your level. To fix this you will need to press the Build button to build your levels lighting. Note that you will have to open up each map you have, build the lighting and then save the map.