iOS : open an external application from unreal application

hi !

I’m new around here and I’m facing an issue.

I’m working on an unreal application for iOS and I spent some time to find a way to open an external application from the unreal one.
To do this on xcode, we use the function openURL with the right URL scheme. But I don’t know how to deal with it with unreal engine…

If someone has already done this before can help me, I’ll be grateful.

HI, hope You’re doing well. I know it is a long time passed but still. Have You found a solution?

I’m not a UE4 engineer. Liable as charged for seeing an unanswered abundance too enormous to even consider overlooking. So I began thinking and looking - and I’ve observed something that could be adapted to your necessities. Enters pixelstreaming.

Pixelstreaming is a beta element that is essentially intended to consider implanting the game into a program. This opens a two way correspondence between a server where the GPU weighty calculations occur and a program where the player can communicate with the substance - the mouseclick and different occasions are sent back to the server. Obviously it permits some extra perfect stuff, but that isn’t applicable for the current inquiry.

Since you need to embedd the Unreal application into your NativeScript tool(menu or the like assuming I saw accurately), you could make your application a from two separate parts:

One section would run the server.
The subsequent part would deal with the overlay through the pixelstreaming.
This diminishes the issue of inserting the UE4 into an application to the(possibly more straightforward) issue of implanting a program into your application. (Or then again in the event that your application is program based - presto, issue settled.)
To deal with the far off correspondence, simply have the server-side sudden spike in demand for the localhost.(With the pleasant symptom of saving transfer speed.) Alternatively, assuming you are feeling bold, you could proceed to compose your own WebRTC support on the application side to sidestep the requirement for the program alltogether. However, it probably won’t merit the work.

Side note: The first of the connections you gave is a component demand which alludes to the appalling truth that UE4 doesn’t uphold installing. This is additionally authorized by the way that one individuals there says somethig along the lines “Solidarity can to this, it would be great assuming UE4 could also.”

However an alternate methodology:
You could embedd and utilize a virtual showcase to embed the UE4 part into your regulator - you would be fundamentally fooling UE4 into imagining that the ideal presentation gadget is a material inside your application.

In the correct path I can guide you is that you can open another application via deeplink which is
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openUrl:@“app://”]
Now you knew how to do that but the last question now is how to pass UIApplication reference from Unreal to iOS constructor as we use for Android like GameActivityThis.
We will not use the iOS [UIApplication] but instead we have to use the reference for iOS that Unreal Engine creates.

If you found the correct object post us here.