iOs OnlineSubsystemNull


Is there a way to make a local multiplayer Game using onlinesubsystem null hosted on ios device ?
For now, the only result I can get is a failed to create session.

It looks difficult to achieve LAN game on mobile with UE4 as android can’t host because of a wrong ip adress bug and iOs can’t just host session f unknown reason.

Any help on this ?

Thank you

Laurent, I am working on this same issue right now. A friend and I have been able to get cross-platform games going between Windows PC, Mac, and Android devices, as long as the Mac or PC is the host. IOS devices are not able to join but theoretically the should be able to so we are troubleshooting. I have posted an question here and I will leave comments as I figure it out.
I am not using LAN, but you’d have essentially the same set up and issues with joining LAN vs joining over internet.

Hi, im using 4.23. Can host and join cross platform between mac/android/win, joust ios not working. The ios onlinesubsystem not working or need to do some more step? Im using blueprint.

I have encountered the same problem. Have you solved it?

I reverted back to 4.22 because of this problem. If your ios onlinesubsystem is enabled in your 4.22 project it will work with iPhones. Try it out and let me know.

zwsqq, you need to have a more powerful machine host games as the server. An iphone does not have the power to host real time multiplayer games and was never intended to.

Tried with mac/windows host too.

iPhone cross platform play is working for me in 4.22. It is not working in 4.23. What I found is that ALL your engine config files need to have the same subsystem “Null” that includes defaultengine and iosengine config files.