IOS online subsystem

I’m having trouble getting IOS online subsystem to create sessions. Am I missing a step here?

  1. I went on, made a custom app id that was game center compatible.
  2. Made a provision for that app id with that app id that had game center enables
  3. Installed that provision on the mac and put it into \build\IOS.mobileprovision
  4. Copied Engine\build\IOS\UE4Game-Info.plist to \build\IOS-Info.plist
  5. Edited my plist to have CFBundleURLName and CFBundleIdentifier that match the app id from #2
  6. Set my onlinesubsystem to IOS in IOSEngine.ini

I see the correct provisioning profile being used during packaging and my game works just using LAN mode in wifi. I can see IOS online subsystem loading in the debug log.

A few logs:

FOnlineIdentityIOS::GetPlayerNickname was empty

FOnlineSessionIOS::StartSession Failed to create session delegate

The missing step was that I didn’t create the game in iTunesConnect yet. GetPlayerNickname now returns my gamecenter login name.

Were you able to successfully create the session? Could you show me how you did it?

This one I’m really curious about. Did you successfully create the session?

Please inform us if this ended up working for you. We are all curious to get multiplayer working for IOS in UE4. Please sir!

Did you ever figure this out?