iOS on Windows - Create a iOS build for a customer, can't install, while on other iPad/iPhoneX works

Hi all,

I’m new to iOS development and currently I’m “converting” a project built for VR to be scaled down, in order to be used on iPad.
Beside the non-VR stuff, I managed to get a reasonable steady framerate, nice lighting, good looking materials and add touch controls.

My main target for the development is the iPad Pro 10.5, and I’ve been deploying the project directly onto the iPad, but also tested by creating the .ipa file and literally do a drag&drop inside iTunes, in order to install the app.
Both method works fine for me.

In order for my customer to be able to test this app as well ( considering that I can’t build the project using a Mac because I don’t have one, and everything is built using UE4 for windows ), I added the customer UDID into the file, downloaded the certificate again, check the validation ( everything was ok ) and build the app again.
For some reasons he’s not able to install the app, every time the installation fails.

What I did then was to deploy the app onto an iPhoneX, so I did the same thing ( get UDID, add it into the devices, download everything again, check validation, and so on ), and, beside the issue of the UMG being offcenter due to the different screen size, I’m able to install the app on this iPhoneX using both direct deployment on the iPad, and also by creating the .ipa file and install it via iTunes.

What could be the possible reason behind the failed installation of the app for my customer, since the iPad model is the same, the iPad UDID is correct, and it works on other devices?

Any possible help will be really appreciated



I would suggest trying to remote compile the app using a mac if you can get your hands on one. You could also try making an entirely new project on your apple dev account so you start fresh with all the certificates.

I have windows PC and an IPod Pro (10.5) . I have bit familiar with Unreal and I have packaged a project for windows, now I want to Package for my Ipod, I have followed this link…iOS/QuickStart… and this is very helpful till launching my project, but when I want to package as .ipa format, its not opening in my Ipod so How can I give a copy to client?.. Could anybody Help?