iOS on PC

Just new with UE4. Search around on google and found that we can build iOS apps on pc but still need a real mac or virtual mac for remote control, is it right?

Currently if you want to modify C++ code, then you need a Mac so we can compile there; if your project only has blueprints/materials (no source code changes) then you should be able to do it all on PC. No debugger though :wink:

However I’ll ask the main iOS guy to chime in if there’s any other info.

But when I build to device, it always ask for UnrealRemoteTools, it just make simple scene

Just tried again with new Blueprint FPS and got this problem
LogPlayLevel:Display: IPhonePackager: IPP ERROR: Failed to find stub IPA ‘D:\Projects\UnrealEngine-4.4.3-release\Engine\Binaries\IOS\UE4Game.stub’
How could I fix it?

Probably the quickest way to get an answer is to open a thread (or search) on