iOS Multiplayer With C++?

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a ios game, and its everything okay, but the point is, how can I make a simple ios game multiplayer using blueprints (is this even possible?) I try to use the nodes Create Session, Join Session, and I was also able to package and test it on my device, but when i ran into the ‘‘create session’’ node the game closes automatically. I also set ‘enable game center suport’ and set the [OnlineSubsystem] to DefaultPlatformService=IOS on DefaultEngine.ini . Am I missing something there?

There is any documentation on how to make a simple iOS real-time game with c++? I’ve read the apple developer guides but i still have no idea on how could i implement these function on unreal c++. If someone could help me giving me some points to start would be awesome ! Thanks !

This is been a year. Can this issue be solved?

At this time, it doesn’t look like mobile multiplayer is working with Game Center. I’m looking into a 3rd-party option called GameSparks, which looks like it should be able to do the job just fine. I’ll reply once I find out for sure.

Hi all,
Patrick from GameSparks here. We provde a comprehensive SDK for the Unreal Engine. This includes the recent addition of Real Time Multiplayer. Paired with the fact we provide integrations for Google and Ios, our platform may be of considerable use to you. @drummerof13 if you have any questions please feel free to visit our forums or log a ticket with our support team.

Best Regards, Patrick - GameSparks.