iOS mobile multiplayer game over LAN

I have a project (using 4.23.1) in which a character joins a session running on a dedicated server from a mobile device. Everything works fine on an Android; however, with an iPhone, the app crashes on the phone after joining the session. This happens when the DefaultPlatformService is both Null and IOS. The character’s avatar does join the game, as on the server you can see the character appear. I’ve found many posts concerning iOS LAN mutliplayer issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for example), but there have been no definitive answers. So: has anyone gotten iOS multiplayer over LAN working on Unreal >= 4.23, and if so, any hints on how to set things up? I don’t need to host the game on iOS. just join a session as a client.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I have this question too. Help is appreciated.

Here’s what worked for me: in your Config/DefaultEngine.ini file, make sure to have


Do the same in Config/IOS/IOSEngine.ini (make it if it doesn’t exist). Adding this allowed me to join a multiplayer game from iOS


Your Answer help a lot. Thank you very much Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally!!!