iOS manual Provision and Certificate selection

I would like to select a provisioning profile and developer certificate in the Unreal Editor v4.7.4 manually. The Unreal Editor selects always automatically the wrong certificates and provisioning profiles, even when I use a specific Bundle Identifier and a matching provisioning profile. I work for different teams as an iOS developer and this seems to confuse the Unreal Editor. Also importing both manually, doesn’t help.

To the developers @Epic, please add a manual selection to the project settings, not an automatic one. I just could only deploy TappyChicken one time on an iOS Device (iPad) and then never again, nor any other Project. Please help!!!

++1 to this, i hate when my PC know better than me what I am trying to do. This is great for usual work, and for first time doing, but really annoying example of MS way of thinking what is best for “stupid” user.

I had similar problems with it, we added new iphone to list, but for some reason Ue always loaded and tried to use old provision that did not had new devices.
During time wasted on solving it we filled that provisions and certificate download process about 5 times (anybody who did it know how annoying this alone is).
Please at least add possibility to exactly pick which files i want ue to use, and ability to remove (or forget forever) invalid files.

Reference for others potentially suffering to this:
First i know this is not entirely fault of epic (or maybe not even at all in their reach). Itunes and apple have same strategy (like ms) of knowing better what is best for user.
In my case i tried everything, and finally found culprit: it was itunes that hold old certificates, unreal only updated it from itunes folder under my documents (windows pc).
This “i know better and will not let you change it” behavior of my computer always makes me nerdrage, counting cases and usual time it takes to fight that,
i think i lost few months of my life solving those problems.

Forgot to say that I use a Mac for this with Yosemite installed. But it will not really make any difference.

In Xcode I can select whatever provisioning profile and code signing ID I want to, or let Xcode choose automatically, which works without problems.

Why can´t I select the provisioning profile and code signing ID in UE? This makes UE unusable for me, but I would like to give the UE a try. For now, using the UE for iOS is like Russian roulette.

@Epic: Please help. Should not be that much work to make a list field selectable. Even if I have to select it manually every time I load a project or before I deploy on a device.

I think this will get better chance of being seen by right person if i move this to feedback.

Not sure if the same situation but i have found that sometimes it is displaying the cert its going to use as the wrong one but still ends up using the correct one.

Can you be more spercific of where iTunes kept those provisions please ? Can I just delete then old ones and import the correct one?

Hey Everyone,

I have spoken with our iOS developer and apparently this is a feature that will not happen at this time. At the very earliest, it may be in 4.10 but that is not a guarantee or a promise. It could happen much later, depending on our road ahead with developing 4.9 and 4.10.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them to AnswerHub. Thanks!