iOS Local Multiplayer Help - Create Sessions Succeeds in Editor, Fails on Device

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I am currently developing a mobile game using Unreal. This is the first mobile game I am making as well as the first game I am making using Unreal, so problems are arising for me each step of the way and for the most part I have been able to find solutions, mostly thanks to these forums. The problem I am currently facing is something that I couldn’t find anyone else facing in the exact same manner. So I would really appreciate anyone’s help!

To catch you up with what’s going on with my specific game:

-I The game is being made entirely in BPs. I am developing on a MAC.

-I The game is intended to be a party game where each person uses their phone. The phone acts as their player card(showing their character, selecting votes for certain events, etc). The real ‘meat’ of the game happens through spoken word between the players. So the game is essentially just different menus where each person can keep track of game progress.

-I I successfully am able to package the game to iOS and can run the game just fine(Right now it’s just the Main Menu where the players are meant to Create and Join matches).

-I Over the last 2-3 days I’ve been working on setting up the Online Sessions nodes. Each player needs to be connected in real time, so I can provide information to each player’s screen when required.

-I In the editor, I edit the Play Settings, and change the Number of Players to 2 to test out the Online Sessions stuff. I’ve gotten to the point where through the main menu, I can have one player Create a Session, opening up a new Map(Where the game will actually take place). The other play can successfully Find Sessions(successfully finding the session created by the previous player) and successfully Join that session, bringing them to that same Map. To get this to work I had to add:
DefaultPlatformService=Null” to the DefaultEngine.ini file in [ProjectDirectory]/Config.

The problem lies at this point. It’s when I try to replicate this on my iOS device(I’m using an IPhone 6). While all of the server stuff works correctly in the editor, when I try to Create the Session on my phone, I keep getting a failed response. I’ll attach a screenshot of my Create Session node.

Sorry for the long post, I just thought the more information I give about the specifics of my project, the easier it would be to solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,

Did you find any solutions? I am having the same issue here.

EDIT: Per the other question, Kyle Langley explains that this functionality is missing due to a bug, not an absence of the feature. So for now, you’ll need to use a 3rd party service until that’s fixed.

My answer to a similar question explains that you have to use a 3rd party service to handle the actual online communications between mobile devices over public networks. Or create your own server. But I’m assuming you’d rather have someone else handle all that jazz. Check out Photon for a relatively easy and simple solution. It’ll involve some C++ work, but you can expose your core functions to Blueprints. You could also create a wrapper that lets you use UE4’s own networking Blueprints.