iOS leaderboards have frozen in live game

So I have within the last 2 weeks released my game for iOS and Android and so far things have been going well, the first day was so exciting because I could sit there and watch the players on the leaderboard flying up. Every time I checked we had 10 more people, 20 more people, in fact now we have over 700 downloads. However my leaderboard is only showing 115 entries. It ran fine for the first 4 days and then suddenly just stopped updating. In fact we’ve had no updates at all in the last week despite myself and colleagues setting new high scores.

It really was working at first, after being published it was working great and then it suddenly stopped. I have not updated it since so the binary has not changed, itunes connect shows the boards are live and is not complaining. My debug version of the app is able to read and apparently write values to the leaderboard without problem and if I do beat my high score I can see it updated on the native game center leaderboard on my device, but not on anyone else’s device. The score is not reflected on anybody else’s devices and no new players seem to be getting added to the board despite the fact that I know people are playing and setting scores.

The mind bending part is how everything seems to be working except the important part of actually propogating those scores out to the world. There are no errors, no complaints and on the surface they look as though they are basically working, even to the extent that you can set a high score locally and everything seems to work, it’s just not updating.

Any advice? Anyone experiencing the same problem? Could this have anything to do with the game center app getting removed from iOS 10? Are they killing leaderboards?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Did you resolve this issue? If so how? I am having the same problem with my new iOS game that I just released.