iOS Leaderboard setup questions

I’m trying to get Leaderboards working in my game. I’m a little confused by the naming of various parts and hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

From Apple’s iTunes Connect I’ve set up the following:

  • Leaderboard Reference Name - HighScore
  • Leaderboard ID - HighScore

English Language Leaderboard Name - HighScore

Now, in my HUD blueprint for my game I have various places where I’m using the following:

  • Show Platform Specific Leaderboard Screen - (Input is String) Category Name - HighScore
  • Read Leaderboard Integer - (Input is Name) Stat Name - HighScore
  • Write Leaderboard Integer - (Input is Name) Stat Name - HighScore

I also have various print strings set up to see when it’s failing, etc. I’ve managed to get it to (according to print strings) write to the Leaderboard and it does display a Leaderboard at the start of the level. However, it’s empty and none of the times it’s supposedly written has changed that. I’m positive that my local variable that’s supposed to get written is in fact updating so it should work.

So, a couple questions…

  1. What iTunes Connect sections match up with what Blueprint node inputs? I assume having these all named the exact same is not the best idea, but it seemed to be the only way to be sure it was set up to get a result.
  2. How can I test this and get actual feedback on what’s happening? I can’t see a way to read the Leaderboard info in iTunes Connect
  3. Is there anything else that’s needed in BP to make this work? I am assuming I have all the rest set up correctly with iOS having followed the instructions and seeing the info displayed in iTC. Any common pitfalls that I may be running into?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answered this for myself already on the forums, but forgot to mirror that here…

First step is to follow this guide to get set up:

I had everything except the Bundle ID in the editor so it didn’t know to match my game with my bundle or whatever.

As for the names… It seems to be fine to keep them all the same since they don’t actually display in GameCenter from what I can see (at least for a single leaderboard, not groups). Once I got the build running with the Bundle ID hooked up, everything started working as I wanted.