iOS Leaderboard in TestFlight

Hey everyone! I am a little lost…

I have spoken to Apple and read the documentation. Seems there are some conflicting things in there.

I was first told that I needed to create a sandbox account for leaderboard testing. I did this and it isn’t responding.

Next I was told that the sandbox accounts are not needed anymore. This is what I initially thought was the case, since there was an article titled - Life without sandbox…

Here is the issue…

I have an app on TestFlight right now. Everyone can test it without any issue.
I have a leaderboard created and attached to the app in the iTunes Store tab of iTunes Connect for that app. It is obviously still in the ‘Prepare for submission’ state, since the build has only been loaded to TestFlight. I used Application Loader to do that.

In the Unreal project settings, I have Game Center enabled. I have a simple button on the game over screen that should be firing the ‘Show Platform Specific Leaderboard Screen’ blueprint. In the Category Name field, I have added the Leaderboard ID from iTunes Connect. The Reference Name and Leaderboard ID are different from each other to try to alleviate any issues… When I run that app on a development device (loaded through TestFlight) and click that button, it does nothing. The button looks like it is changing states and kind of gets stuck in the on state at times, but nothing else.

I have tried this both signed into Game Center on the device and also not signed in. No change.

I am also calling the ‘Write Leaderboard Integer’ when the game is over. The ‘Stat Name’ field contains the same Leaderboard ID from iTunes Connect.

What am I missing?

I also posted this in the forums…


I changed the iOSEngine.ini line to -


I can now at least get the ‘Game Center Unavailable’ screen to pop up. Side note… Why isn’t this the default setting for iOSEngine.ini?

I have now tried while signed in and signed out with the same results.

When I start the app, I don’t get the ‘Welcome Back…’ banner that happens in other apps with leaderboards.

Anyone know what I am missing?

Ok, so I figured it out.

The addition of the ‘Show External Login UI’ blueprint solved it.

I really wish that item was included in the documentation. I know that things change pretty quick around here, but that could have saved me quite a few hours.

For those of you in the same boat…

Here is the link to the leaderboard setup - iOS Leaderboards

Here is the link to the ‘Show External Login UI’ - Game Center Login

I hope that helps someone in the future… Maybe merge the data in these two?

Just in case someone from Epic sees this… I am willing to update the documentation when I find an anomaly in trade for a individual tech support contact. Just saying :wink: