IOS ipa size is different when building between windows and remote compilation to a mac

I think this is a really big problem i discovered lately. Initially when i was packaging my minimal project for ios through my windows machine, the ipa generated is a whopping 340 mb. I tried a lot of things to somehow reduce it but it was all in vain. Finally i just tried remote compiling through my mac mini in my room. The strangest thing happened afterwards. The ipa size is now 90mb !!. I was pretty happy to get this result but i just did it through pure guesswork since i never seen anyone mention remote compiling instead of directly building on my windows. Other ue4 ios developers need to be wary of directly building on windows. I have no idea why it works this way but im sure someone must be pulling their hair over why their starter project is already beyond 300mb for no reason, and this might help.

Your Build Configuration = Shipping or Development ?

And if you build an iOS app in UE4, it must be a remote building by Xcode from a MacOS. What do you mean directly building iOS app on windows.

Shipping and development builds are basically the same size when it comes to the output. We can also compile an ipa in windows through unreal. Only requires iTunes and the provision profiles+certificates. I have a very old mac mini but its not strong enough to build unreal projects. Atleast building is fast in windows. Through remote compilation, i have the best of both worlds, my project is still in windows but it connects to my mac mini during the packaging process through ssh. Overall pretty fast compared to if i were to open my project directly in the mac.

i had the same issue. On ios settings there is an option called Support bitcode or something. That options makes your IPA bigger BUT in theory it is because it contains several versions of ipa inside. So in theory after you upload the Ipa itunesconnect should unpack it according to the target device.
or something like that.
Anyways try disabling this option and check.

Disabling/Enabling bitcode did no changes on the size in windows for some reason. I think it worked during remote compilation. Anyways, i dont really have much complaints in the end. I just wanted to warn people about building their ipa in windows and they should do remote compilation instead.

I do remote build and it works fine

IPA file is a zip archive. You can unpack both version (Win and Mac) and compare content. This will give the best view what part is different, code or content. You’ll have direction to dig more.

Also keep in mind that if you’ve built the IPA through Xcode on Mac, not through the Unreal command line utils than it doesn’t contain any game assets, just game binaries and of course that build will crash right after launch on the device.