IOS IPA files are too big

When I package a shipment build of Tappy Chicken with compression turned on and Dynamic point lights off the IPA size is 93mb. Similarly in UE4.8 its 88mb. The cooked folder however is only 35mb, so whats gone wrong?

Creating a blank bluprint project without starter content and packaging a shipment build creates an IPA of 88-93mb depending on whether I’m using 4.8 or 4.9. However when I look at the cooked folder its only 31mb (both engine+content). Why are my packaged builds not reflecting this.

I’m only having this issue with IOS. The android version of my game is 48mb but the IOS version is over 115mb.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I need to get the IPA under 100mb to ensure its not rejected by Apple.


The IPA includes two executables, the amrmv7 and the arm64. Unfortunately, those cannot be reduced in size. What you can try to do is to use a pak compression.

Thank you!

Just a bit more info:

When you upload to apple for submission they will take your IPA, pull out the executable, compress and encrypt the rest then re-insert the executable. This may actually reduce the IPA size on the store, or it may increase it. Additionally for iOS 9.0.2, Apple will only deliver the parts of the IPA that are needed for the device you are downloading it on. So if your package includes a 32 and 64 bit version (which it will do), then you will only download the one you need for your device, making the download from the store appear smaller.

You can actually open up the IPA Show package contents) and see the size of the executable file to see how much space that is taking up compared to the content.

As for the Tappy Chicken example, I’ve not looked at it at all however remember that it may have been submitted only as a 32 bit version (which was allowed up-until about February this year I think), which would be smaller than an IPA containing both the 32 and 64 bit version.

Also, for what it’s worth Apple will not reject an App that is over 100Mb. They will however prevent people from downloading it unless it’s over wifi.

Hi Samatha

So I just wanted to clarify, the amrmv7 and arm64 executables are seperate from cooked content and are responsible for making my IPA substantially larger then the combined cooked engine+game content?

My suspicion is that there is something wrong on my end because Tappy Chicken (4.9) on the app store is 67.5mb whereas my packaged IPA for Tappy Chicken (4.9) is 93mb. How did Epic achieve this IPA size, through pak compression?

Thanks for the info Phil,

I suspected that the resultant IPA isn’t necessarily reflective of what will be presented on the app store. The most recent itunesconnect presents this message “Processed file sizes for Build 0.25 exceed the 100 MB app file limit” but I’ll proceed anyway :slight_smile: