IOS IPA file size increased after upgrading to 4.6


Since I’ve managed to decrease binary size for android now it’s time to IOS . I’ve noticed that file size with same project doubled after 4.5.1 upgrade to 4.6.1. I tested it with simple empty project builded with distribution settings. On 4.5.1 filesize is ~43 mb but on 4.6.1 and 4.7.2 it is over 84 mb! While checking internal structure of files I’ve noticed that UE4Game file and pak incresed in size (doubled). Any hints how to lower file size?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drop it too much because as of 4.6 per Apple App Store requirements, both an ArmV7 and an Arm64 executable are required to be in the IPA. That is the reason the IPA has pretty much doubled as we now have two executables and each executable is about 30-35MB or so. We are working on ways to reduce the executable size, but in the end when uploading to the App Store you will need to have both executables.


Ok, thank you for answer. So it is solved for now and good luck with optimizations!