iOS initial camera stutter

There is an initial fps drop when the camera moves from my menu as you can see in this video:

The frame rate drop occurs only the first time after the new puzzle is pressed if
–the app has been completely closed and hasn’t been in the background for a while
–if the iphone/ipad has been restarted.

I can close the app completely and shortly after reopen it and it doesn’t occur. The draw count goes from ~100 to over 300 and triangle count goes from 26000 to 62000. It’s like something hasn’t been allocated or initialized until it comes into view that first time but I don’t know how to narrow it down or fix it even if I did narrow it down.

Hey again rckt26,

I appreciate you creating a new post for this issue as requested.

This almost sounds like a garbage collection issue. Have you tried adding a delay or any sort of blueprint logic to mitigate the screen stuttering?

Also, just for my own information, could you provide me with your device specs please?

It also seems it could be related to this issue I found here:


Andrew Hurley

I was able to narrow it down to translucent materials. I have resolved the camera stutter by removing the translucent materials and there is only a very slight stutter which I can live with. I still use translucent materials in the gameplay and will have to try to figure out a time for them to appear before the first movement of actors so there is no stuttering at the very first. I’m using iphone 5s, ipad air, and ipad air 2.

Great, glad to hear you were able to narrow down the cause of the issue!

Keep in mind, translucent materials on mobile can become costly pretty quick, so be careful how and when you use them.


Andrew Hurley