iOS incorrect error message

UE 4.14.1 on Mac.

The error message in the output log is incorrect when the development package is successfully installed on iOS but fails to launch.

The current error message was valid in Xcode 5 and earlier:

PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Failed to launch on device.  Make sure your device has been enabled for development from within the Xcode Devices window.

That’s just a useless red herring now, though, as that functionality no longer exists in the devices window. The actual fix today (Xcode 8.1, iOS 10.1) is to be using a correct mobile provision AND the device needs to be currently unlocked (can’t be on the lock screen).

[I submitted pull request 3024 with a patch to fix the error message here.][1]


This has been added into the engine internally and it’ll be available in a future release.

Thanks! :slight_smile: