iOS in app purchase over IPv6

Our iOS App got rejected because Apple’s reviewer can’t connect for in-app purchase. They mentioned this in the details

Apps are reviewed on an IPv6 network.
Please ensure that your app supports
IPv6 networks, as IPv6 compatibility
is required.

I read that unreal has support of IPv6 since 4.2, so is there some setting that I can enable somewhere ? I’ve searched through and found nothing on this matter.

PS: We confirmed that we can connect for in-app purchase when testing on our network.

Thank you.

I see that 4.12 release notes has this line

New: Enabled IPv6 support on iOS and

Anyway to enable it ? or it should be automatic and we’re doing something wrong ?

Thank you.

I had a similar problem with iOS , you have figured out how to enable IPv6 ?

No problem with Unreal, our admin needed to fix some settings in the network.

Hi, we’re having the same problem and really need it fixed. Could I ask what network? Which settings?


Were there specific settings that needed to be in place that we could add to some documentation that was overlooked?



We are having problem with IPv6 on IOS and got rejected from Apple for not supporting it for In-App Purchases. We looked at Match3 Source and thought maybe it was something to do with IOSEngine.config, and so included the Match3’s one in our project. We re-submitted it to Apple and got rejected again, but we don’t know what we are doing wrong. Is their a specific setting we need to enable? Do we need to do something different? Is their a way to check it works with IPv6 (to confirm that is the problem and that we didn’t do something bad elsewhere)?


Hey guys, just went through this exact situation with our upcoming India softlaunch. Thought it was odd, considering our project is Blueprint-only.

So I followed IPv6 test instructions provided [here][1] by Apple. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a “Test for IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Compatibility Regularly” section. To my surprise, our game’s In-App Purchases worked just fine. Airplane mode on, all other networks forgotten, only connected to the test IPv6 network, with visible IPv6 address in the network settings.

So I resubmitted with a very detailed description in the Review Notes section about how I tested and confirmed functionality per their own instructions. I also added a “Waiting for In-App Purchase Response” window in our game whenever an IAP command is sent, because I realized that if it takes a bit to respond and the presses it again, it sends back a failure result in UE4. I let them know in the Review Notes about this addition and why I think they previously saw the error.

They just approved it for release after they reviewed that submission. I had also prepared a video of myself setting up the test and successfully running, just in case they rejected it again.

Hope this helps. I certainly understand the frustration and confusion.

Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks

Friend, my game was also rejected by Apple. Can you help me solve the problem? I am new to development and would like to ask for your help in my project. I am sending below the link for you to see the problem that I am facing. Thank you very much